A Hilarious Card Game
for Go-Getters

On  Fall 2016


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How to Play

Find the Perfect Idea

Choose one startup and stick with it no matter what happens next!

Will you be a winner or a loser? Your fate is in your hands, literally.

Disclaimer: The startups may seem real, but keep in mind that they’re fake . . . at least for now.

Work Hard to Get Money

Get into debt, give out shares, take risks. Do whatever you have to!

You could go with loans, investors, crowdfunding, or even a second job. Just be careful not to bust your risk limit, otherwise you may lose it all.

When you’ve got the basics covered, repeat again, and again. Money is your fuel, you must never run out of it.


Hire a Bunch of Geniuses

Build a Dream Team to develop your billion-dollar idea!

The best of the best cost an arm and a leg, but luckily there are juniors and interns you can exploit!

Leave a good impression when you’re out to hire because you may not get a second chance.

Backstab the Competition

Some people are mean. They will do just about anything to win.

Get rid of these players to ensure your victory. Or, stay low profile and boost your team with some amazing employee perks.


Make Your First Sale

You’re not sure how, but you managed to develop your product. Good for you, now it’s time to go to sale!

If you have a sales, marketing, or communications team, it’ll be a piece of cake. If not, you could always try getting on TV!

Survive the Day-to-Day

Being a startup is not always easy! It seems every day brings a new challenge. Some help you and some, well, not so much.

If you manage to complete your sales cycle first, you win the game!


Go get ‘em!

The Startups You Will Play

Doggy Drone

The drone walks doggy and picks up its poop while you relax at home.


The diaper’s micro sensors communicate with the app, which warns you BEFORE the diaper needs changing.

Mr. Dressup

Step into the capsule and this dressing-machine will pick out the right outfit for whatever occasion.


This clock allows your Grandma to add events to your calendar and send reminders.
You’ll NEVER forget her again.


The GMAY sensor (Groovy Music Around You) records bass and transfers it to your beer glass, allowing you to really feel the groove.


Why walk when you can fly!?
And yes, it comes with an app.

On The Go

A 2’ x 4’ portable mirror . . . Genius!


These startups are exclusive to the Kickstarter edition of the game.


Break this pineapple lock and acid juice explodes out. Say goodbye to bike thieves and hello to peace of mind!

About Us

After five years as a tech startup entrepreneur based in Montreal, Canada, Phil had seen it all: shitty office spaces, a shit load of interns, hungry investors, backstabbing competition, and much more. Enough to write a book or . . . create a game!


Unicorn Startup Game was born during one of Phil’s many nights of insomnia. The following day, Phil presented a prototype version of the game to his girlfriend, Pam. She immediately saw the potential and encouraged him to further develop the game. With the help of their game-maniac friends, the game quickly evolved in a matter of months. Version 1 introduced the game’s environment. Version 2 improved the gameplay. Version 3 brought a whole new card layout and added player interaction. And, version 4 features witty quotes, illustrations, and a mascot, Bob the Unicorn. The next step is version 5, which will boast unique illustrations designed by James Francis aka blashum.

A true believer in the power of play, Pam holds game nights in Montreal where Unicorn Startup Game is put to use to create networking events for entrepreneurs who are tired of the same old “drinks and mingle” routine. With your help, we will not only bring our game to life with kickass illustrations, but also spread a little bit of fun in networking events throughout the world.

We hope you enjoy our crazy game as much as we had fun creating it.

Pam & Phil